Friday, March 18, 2011

Lucid dream & Dream control

According to Wikipedia, lucid dream is a dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming.
lucid dreaming dream control are closely related but you can always have one without the other.
some lucid dreams have little to no control while other non-lucid dreams seem to offer a great amount of control in the content or plot of your dream.

the below was some method to dream of what you want to dream about :

1) Before heading off to dream land,write in your dream journal.Create your dream.Write down your dream.Be sure to include every single detail Create your dream. Be sure include every single detail. Even smallest detail will have much importance!

2 ) Draw pictures.Leave nothing behind.Remember that this dream belongs to you and you can dream about what ever you want!

3) Read and read again your dream journal.Read your dream until you have it glued into your head.

4) Lie down,close your eyes,and look at the images from your dream as they appear in your subconscious.If nothing happens,then read your dream again.It is important that you don't watch anything before you go to bed.

5) Think of dialogue and sounds in your dream until you are hearing them in your mind.Imagine yourself in your 'dreamland'!

6) Go to sleep with these images in your mind.

7) When you wake up, whether you had the right dream or not, write what happened parallel or connected somehow to the dream that you wanted to have.
for more information about how to control the dream you want, you can have a look at >>>Here.